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5 Gallon Water bottle stillage to store 32 bottles


  • Height 1.365 cm
  • Width 1.050 cm
  • Depth 1.210 cm
  • Empty gross weight 75 kg
  • Full gross weight 715 kg
  • Finished Galvanized
  • Tubes Plastic protective covers


Quality product manufactured in Spain. It’s designed to protect the bottles.

Its unique design makes it to be cost-effective and durable.

The Rack has a strong and resistant structure, of electroplated steel. It’s protected against rust by an electroplated finish.

All the Botelleros CMA products are manufactured by a mechanized procedure and quality control.



Variety:available models for 8, 16, 24, 32 and 40 Water bottles.

Strongly reinforced base:bears the daily tear and wear.

Electroplating finish:gives resistance and good appearance.

Slight inclination of inner tubes:no bottle can project forward

Prudential separation of the inner shelves:avoid frictions between the bottles.

Purpose: Long Rack’s life and Long bottle life



Available sample

We can send a 4 Tier Office Bottle Rack for you to prove the manufacturing quality and usefulness of the Botelleros CMA products.

Transport management and supervision

We work constantly with transport companies to offer our customers a complete, easy and convenient sales service. Botelleros CMA also take care of following the product from the moment it leaves our plant until it reaches your facilities..

Exclusive and exceptional orders

For Botelleros CMA every customer is unique. If you have already worked with different designs or measurements to the ones we offer, you can get in touch with us; we adapt ourselves to your requirements.