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  • CNC Wire bending

    We bend: wire, rod diameter 6 to 10

    How: with CNC reference machinery with 5 numerical axes and 3 bending heads.

    When: at the moment when you need it. Machinery trained to work 24 hours every day of the week.

    Results: all types of 2D and 3D parts

  • Plastic coating

    A plastic coating has great advantages over other non-efficient methods such as painting. It is highly resistant to friction, so it supports better the daily tear and wear, and lengthens the life of the product, keeping it in good condition.

  • Exclusive and exceptional Orders

    For Botelleros CMA every customer is unique. If you have already worked with different designs or measurements to the ones we offer, you can get in touch with us; we adapt ourselves to your requirements.

  • Available sample

    We can send a 4 Tier Office Bottle Rack for you to prove the manufacturing quality and usefulness of the Botelleros CMA products.

  • Rack repairs

    The constant use given to the Racks causes tear and wear over time. So, to further extend the life of these products, we offer the possibility of repairing them. Botelleros CMA looks after your interests.

  • Transport management and supervision*

    We work constantly with transport companies to offer our customers a complete, easy and convenient sales service. Botelleros CMA also take care of following the product from the moment it leaves our plant until it reaches your facilities. *Seulement groupages.

Botelleros CMA produces plastic coatings of metal pieces.